A native of Brooklyn, NY, Renee always loved the combination of texture and color.  The confluence of cultures in NYC was especially an influential part of her life.  Lewis received a B.F.A. in Fabric Design from the School of Art at Syracuse University.  As part of the University’s Foreign Studies Program she studied Art History in Amsterdam, Netherlands.  In her focus on Fabric Design (which included silk screening and weaving), Lewis developed an eye and proficiency with repetitive patterns – which continues to be a theme in her current work.

Her Post-Impressionist style drawings are created with a blend of oil crayons, color pencils and pastels on black paper or mat board – producing bold, stunning colors and creative themes capturing the colorful nature of women.  At the core of her work are women – empowered, strong – yet vulnerable, linked to others, beautiful within while sustaining the universe.

Lewis is an award-winning artist and is represented by the A.T. Hun Gallery, Savannah, The Hub on Canal in New Smyrna Beach and the Dancing Crane Gallery, Bradenton.  She is a member of the Artist’s Registry, the Artist’s Workshop, Beaux Arts Central Florida, the Florida Artists Group, Florida Women’s Art Association,  and the Art League of Daytona Beach.  She has taught classes for children at the Orlando Museum of Art and the Casselberry Art House.  Renee resides in Winter Park, Florida.

“I find your art rich and full of life to every corner and beyond. It’s the magical details that keep us hanging around for a much closer look. When we do take the time to look, deeply,  your work delivers  a sensory vibrational love of life from within.”     Harry Messersmith, Sculptor and former Executive Director, Museum of Florida Art


Artist’s Registry

The Artist’s Workshop – New Smyrna Beach

The Hub – New Smyrna Beach

Beaux Arts of Central Florida

Art League of Daytona

Florida Artists Group

Florida Women’s Art Association

“With finely crafted designs and riotous colors, Renee creates visually stunning works with the often overlooked medium of color pencil.”    Ken N.

“Every piece of Renee’s drawings tells a meaningful and personal story. The framework and variety of work reflects her fabric design artistry with creative patterns, rich textures and appealing colors. Welcome back to the art world, Renee!”    Sue D.

Artwork photos shown on this website are courtesy of Douglas Nesbitt, Mindy Kerr and Michael van Gelder.

Website and Enews designed and produced by Jane Green.


  1. Beautiful work Mom! I’m so happy you are finally doing what you love. Can’t wait to fill my home with your gorgeous artwork!


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